Alison Monahan

Welcome! I'm delighted to be here at to talk with you about finding a satisfying, successful legal career. Even in today's challenging job market, it is possible! Stay tuned and you'll find useful content for law students and lawyers, to help you figure out what you want from a legal career and then go get it. Your future awaits! 


When I graduated from Columbia Law School in 2006, the world was a different place. Jobs were plentiful, and the legal profession was booming. Since then, things have changed. Entry-level hiring dropped off during the recession, and hasn't really picked back up.

Scary? Yes, but also an opportunity. When I left my BigLaw job in 2010, I entered a world of creative, engaged legal entrepreneurs who were charting a new path through a staid profession. What I've come to realize over the last four years is this -- it doesn't matter what type of lawyer you want to be. Everyone, from the most junior staff attorney to a partner with huge book of business, has to think creatively and strategically to create the legal career they want. 

The good news is that you've got opportunities the last generation of attorneys never dreamed of...if you're flexible and diligent enough to seize them.  


I came to law school via a circuitous path, including an undergraduate degree in Sociology (at UNC-Chapel Hill) and a master's degree in Architecture (at UC-Berkeley). After architecture school, I several years spent as a web application developer in San Francisco before deciding to go to law school.

At Columbia Law School, I was a member of the Columbia Law Review, a Kent and Stone Scholar, and a Teaching Assistant for Civil Procedure.   

Alison Monahan

 Maybe I'm just an eternal optimist, but I really do think the flip side of "threat" is "opportunity." 

It's no secret the legal profession has a ton of problems these days, but there are also opportunities if you know where to look. Stay tuned, and we'll explore together!