Agent Recruitment and Retention With a Great Website

Real Estate Lead Conversion


Real estate brokerage is one of the most challenging forms of business structure. Working with a group of independent contractors can be difficult. We must manage them for quality and sales results which requires a structure that is both effective and flexible enough to give your agents room to grow and prosper.

Challenges and Synergy

People good at sales are often not the best with high detail and paperwork. A successful brokerage must maintain records and cover a lot of legal bases for its own protection. Just knowing what your agents are doing on a daily basis is important and a challenge, as technology has allowed them to become much more mobile. They just don’t need that desk in the office as much as in the past.

Recruiting and retaining the best agents is one of the top priorities of every successful brokerage. It’s just so easy for them to move to another home where they perceive they’ll receive more value and income. Technology tools have become crucial in recruiting and retention, as they simplify the things they don’t like to do and improve on their time for the activities they do enjoy.

Building a productive team requires education, as well as the sharing of information and sales assets. Agents who feel like they’re part of a successful and profitable team are far more likely to stay. They’ll also recruit others for the brokerage where they feel at home and part of a successful group. As agents become more mobile, and they are every day, we are tasked to provide a team environment when they’re not always able to meet or see each other for days or even weeks at a time.

Maintaining a consistent brand across many agent websites and their other marketing materials are necessary as well. They may be independent contractors, but they are out there representing your brand, and it’s imperative that they do so with logos, materials and online presences of which you approve. Let’s move right into how we can construct a highly successful brokerage through the use of technology in every facet of the business.

The New Agent

We do take on new agents who exhibit the characteristics we believe will make them successful. Sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re not, but we must try. Recruiting a new agent is easier than luring a top performer. The beginner agent is often overwhelmed with the details of the business and the marketing they’ll have to do to get an income stream flowing. 

To recruit a new agent, your brokerage site and the offer of a fully functional individual agent real estate site (sub-site) is a powerful incentive to sign on. They see a turnkey solution provided out of the box, and they will readily understand the value of this online marketing and backend CRM solution that’s ready to use their first day on the job. They’ll likely arrive with their own computer solutions and definitely with a mobile device that can work with your offered systems, so you’re halfway there.

The Top Performer

Other than the negotiation of commission splits, top performing agents don’t usually move unless they’re dissatisfied with their current situation. Many times this is because they do not feel that they’re getting the support from their brokerage that is worth the split they give up. The mediocre brokerage negotiates the split, while the superior brokerage offers value for the split they need to profit in their business.

These agents don’t really need or value basic training. They do value being kept in the loop about new developments in the business and the market, however. And, they definitely value being handed the latest and greatest technology tools to make their jobs easier and more profitable. A turnkey personal website (sub-site) tied to a strong branded brokerage site is a definite plus for them. The stronger your brand in the market, the more value you bring to their business with your integrated website offering.

They also already understand the daily business type tasks and communication requirements to operate and that takes away from time available for client interaction. Handing them a solution that they clearly see will save them time, make them more efficient, and do so allowing them to stay mobile, will attract the best of the agent pool. If they can see an increase in time to do what they do best, they’re less likely to worry about the split. They see that they’re going to make more money because they are being handed a more efficient business and marketing solution.