The Best Affordable or Free Logo Maker Tools

Simple Logo Design For Budget-Conscious Business Owners

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When it comes to creating a logo to represent a business identity and brand, small business owners have several free and low-cost logo maker tools available to them. But before using these tools, business owners should have an idea of the brand color scheme, font, personality, and feel to make sure that the logo is consistent with the overall branding. 


DesignEvo Free Logo Maker

DesignEvo offers both a free and low-cost logo design tool. Simply choose from one of more than 10,000 templates, customize it with your font, colors and more, and save. 

Unlike some of the other logo makers, you can download your design for free. However, the resolution will be limited and you'll need to credit DesignEvo. For $24.99 you can download a hi-res image that you can edit more easily, and for $49.99 you can download an image complete with vector files and copyright ownership.

Canva Logo Maker



This popular tool that helps non-designers create shareable images also offers a free logo maker. You can choose from pre-built templates and customize them to your liking, you can use its artificial intelligence logo generator, or you can create your own from scratch with the elements available.

You can sign up for a free account and create and download a high-res images for without paying a penny. However, you must pay if you want to use certain images or other design elements (they cost as little as $1 each).

Wix Logo Maker



This web development platform is known for helping people build their own websites, but it helps them create logos as well. Its Logo Maker builds a logo for you after you enter some information, such as your company name, purpose, brand colors, and fonts. You can then tweak and customize the logo as you see fit.

You can sign up for a Wix account and get a low-res design for free, but you must pay to download a hi-res version, starting at $12.99 and going up from there depending on your needs.

Squarespace Logo Maker



Like Wix, Squarespace also specializes in helping people build their own websites and offers a free logo maker. However, you don't need to sign up for an account to begin creating a logo. You simply type your business name, and you're taken to a screen where you can create and customize a design. 

The catch is that if you want to create and download unlimited hi-res logos for free, then you must have a Squarespace account with a plan.


This online tool uses artificial intelligence to help you make a logo. You don't need to sign up at first; simply enter your company name and then choose some logo styles, colors, and symbols that you like. The tool will then generate a logo that you can change to your liking. However, to see and customize your logo you'll be prompted to create an account. You'll need to pay if you want to download the logo. Prices range from $20-$80 depending on your needs.

Logo Maker

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Logo Maker's tool is free to use, but you must pay to download your design. You can select from one of its 10,000  templates and customize it to your brand. You can design and save as many logos as you'd like once you create an account. However, if you want to download a logo—which you'll need to do if you'd like to use it on other non-digital materials such as business cards—you can buy a high-resolution version of it in JPEG, PNG, EPS, or GIF for $39.95.

The company also offers a "you'll love your logo" guarantee. The company says that if you're not happy with your logo and their staff can't help you fix it within 30 days, then they'll refund your money.  

Free Logo Services

Free Logo Services
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Free Logo Services is a bit of misnomer. Yes, you can create your logo and other items that use a logo such as business cards, banners and more. However, when you create a logo you like and want to use, you have to pay $39.95 for it.

Still, the tool is easy to use. Simply enter your logo text, choose from one of thousands of designs, customize the logo with your colors and layout, and save your file.


What Does a Logo Maker Tool Do?

A logo maker tool helps you with your personal or business logo design needs. Typically, logo maker tools are web-based applications or software that you download on your computer. It provides templates, color choices, stock images, different fonts, and design ideas to help you create a logo. Once you make your selection it only takes a few minutes to complete your logo.

When Would You Use a Logo Maker Tool?

You may want to use a logo maker tool if you want to create a logo for your business but need some design inspiration. You may want to look at templates, colors, and design ideas before you finalize your logo. You would also use a logo maker tool to save time instead of creating your own logo or paying a company to do it for you. Another instance where you would use a logo maker tool is for non-business items like logos for family reunion apparel. 

What Are Some Alternatives to Using a Logo Maker Tool?

Some alternative to using a logo maker tool are:

  • Creating your own logo
  • Getting help with your logo from an artistic friend or family member
  • Using a logo you already created
  • Hiring an artist to create your logo
  • Hiring a web designer to create your logo along with your website 

How We Chose the Best Affordable or Free Logo Maker Tools

We researched more than a dozen affordable and free logo maker tools before choosing the top ones. We reviewed the logo maker tools based on their prices, ease-of-use, customization options, and templates. We also considered other things the companies offer such as low and high-resolution images and business cards.